Organizing your projects

Linearity Move has many different options for file organization.

Each of your files (or “projects”) is displayed as a square icon with a preview of its contents and a name.

Renaming a project

To rename one of your existing projects, just click on the name, and begin typing the new name.

Organizing your projects with folders

You can click and drag your projects to adjust their order.

You can also organize them in folders. Click the New Folder button at the top right of the Home screen to create a new folder. Then, click and drag as many projects into it as you like. You can also click and drag one project on top of another to make a new folder containing both of those projects.

If you’d like to create a new folder containing multiple projects in one move, start by selecting the projects you want to put in a folder. You can select specific projects by using Shift + click, or by clicking and dragging a lasso around them. Then, right-click and select “Create new folder with documents”.

To remove a project from inside a folder, click and drag it up to the Back arrow at the top left of the folder view. Hold it there until the button flashes and takes you back to the previous page, then drop the file where you want it.

Important note: Deleting a folder will delete all files inside that folder. Be careful!

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