Starting a new project

There are several different ways to begin creating a new project in Linearity Move.

Start from scratch

If you’d like to start a brand new project directly in Linearity Move, just click the New Document button on the Home screen when you open the software.

New document window in Linearity Move

From here, you’ll be able to create a new animation project. You can customize your project’s resolution and frame rate before you open it.

Start from an existing project

You can also import an existing design project into Linearity Move. If you import one of your Linearity Curve files, you can use the Auto Animate feature.

You can also import designs from other software, like Figma, Affinity Designer, or Adobe Illustrator.

Start with a template

You can also start your project from one of our existing animated templates. We have many different options, in a variety of styles, ideal for whatever use case you need.

Just download the .move file template you want, and click it to open it in Linearity Move. From there you can edit the template however you want to customize it to your project’s needs.

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