Project Toolbar

The Project Toolbar on the left side of the interface offers you several tools for selecting, editing, or drawing shapes, and adding text.

Project toolbar

Selection Tool

  • The Selection Tool ic-selection icon is the default design tool in Move. It allows you to select objects on your canvas, as well as rotate, duplicate, and perform additional transformations with the selected object.
selection tool

Node Tool

  • The Node Tool ic-node icon will help you select individual points in your shapes and paths. Vector-based shapes consist of points connected by paths via mathematical equations. The path-connected points create vector shapes. These points are called Bézier Nodes. With the Node Tool, you can edit the points to refine the path of your shape. You can also use the Node Tool to add new points or remove points from a path.
node tool

Shape Tool

  • The Shape Tool ic-shape icon allows you to create geometric shapes, such as rectangles, lines, ovals, polygons, stars, and spirals. Clicking on the icon once will select the tool. Clicking a second time will open the sub-menu where you can select which shape you would like to create. Click and drag on your artboard to create the shape. After you create a new shape, you’ll revert back to whichever tool you had selected before the Shape Tool.
shape tool

Text Tool

  • You can add text to your document by clicking the Text Tool ic-text icon in the Toolbar, or by pressing T on your keyboard and clicking anywhere on the canvas. A bounding box will appear on your canvas, containing the word Text. The content-aware Text Panel will then appear inside the Style Inspector. To add text to the box, just start typing.
text tool

Hand Tool

  • You can use the Hand Tool ic-hand icon to move your canvas around without moving any individual elements themselves. Just click and drag.
hand tool

Zoom Tool

  • You can use the Zoom Tool ic-zoom icon to change the zoom level of your canvas.
zoom tool
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