It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, a marketer or something else entirely, it’s crucial that you fully understand the difference between the features of raster and vector images and subsequently why vectors are just better.

Your brand’s image depends on it.

Raster graphics and vector graphics are used for entirely different purposes and serve separate objectives. Rasters are used typically in photography and in online applications. On the other hand, vectors are primarily used in branding, logos, and icons.

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In this guide we listed the major reasons why a vector-based logo is the right move for your brand. And if you want to quickly learn how to create one yourself — check out the video tutorial below.

A vector logo is scalable

A vector’s biggest advantage over its raster graphics rival is its infinite scalability. Vector logos can be scaled infinitely to fit large print design needs or conversely scaled down to fit smaller requirements. Why is that important? Vectors are a life-saver when you need your logo to fit both a small business card and a large display poster or billboard.

The mathematical formulas underly the shapes in a vector. Brand logos can be scaled in either direction (up or down) without seeing any resolution loss. The sharp edges seen in your original vector logo will remain crisp even when zoomed in or scaled to outrageous dimensions.

In Vectornator, you can scale things by activating the “Scale Mode” inside the Selection Tool. Additionally, you can even change the Pivot Point position so you can drive the direction of your scaling.

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A vector logo is easily editable

To make things ever better for you, vector logos are easily editable.

Design iterations can be a painstaking process with multiple ideas popping up, being tried and then being shot down or implemented. Maybe you want to change the color of your logo or rearrange some of its components. It's only natural that during this cycle, you can make changes in a simple and straightforward manner.

In vector-based programs like Vectornator, you can quickly change the color values either in RGB or HSB, inserting a specific HEX code or select your preferred choice by using the color well.
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This ability to be able to make corrections or alter the logo altogether is incredibly important when dealing with clients or when operating in a fast paced deadline-driven work environment.

Solid blue background
Logo animation by @lamaartlab

A vector logo has many export options

When working in vector-based programs, you can easily export a single vector logo to any vector or raster format as needed.

For instance, in Vectornator to export any vector logo to any vector or raster format you just have to tap the Export button and select the format you prefer to export to. The possibilities are: JPG or PNG to export as a raster graphic and SVG, PDF, AI or VN (Vectornator) to keep export a vector-based document.

screen shot vectornator  logo design

These formats are ideal when exporting the final draft of your logo and when sending out a brand package to clients, media or publishers.

Vectornator includes tons of royalty free vector icons in the Iconator Library!

If you want to send a draft of your vector logo or other design elements, you should export it in a raster format. Many clients don’t have access to vector-based software and won’t be able to open native vector files. Using Vectornator, which is available on iPad, iPhone and Mac, will allow you to do this easily.

On Mac, you can click on File > Export to > and within the dropdown menu you can choose from SVG, PDF and of course VN – which is the Vectornator format.‍

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about why you are much better off designing a vector based logo for your brand. To keep up to date with the latest design trends, check out the standout Design Trends for 2021.

Now that you know the difference between raster vs vector, it’s time to get designing. Download Vectornator today and start making an eye-catching vector-based logo today.

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