It's the part of the year so many of us look forward to the most - the time when we can get outside and enjoy the sun with a drink in hand.

But how do you capture that carefree feeling into a design? You've probably seen a poster or two that are obviously meant to be summer-themed, but how can we bring this seasonal design aesthetic into our own Curve (formerly Vectornator) designs? Let's find out today.

Colorful ferris wheel against a clear sky
Image Source: Unsplash

Typography and beautiful fonts are probably the most creative way to bring the feeling of a summer breeze into your designs, whether they are needed for a website, social media posts, brochures, ads, or other creative summer projects.

This article will look at the ten hottest summer fonts to jazz up your designs and reflect your summer state of mind. These fun fonts are free for personal use, but you can also purchase commercial licenses if you need them for commercial purposes.

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1. Palmsprings font by Billy Argel

Palm leaves pattern overlaying bold letters on textured background
Image Source: Fontspace

Nothing says more “summer font” like a font called Palmsprings that incorporates palm trees into each letter.

This summer font looks excellent whether you use the color version or the black and white version.

If you want to communicate a retro vibe, we suggest using the black and white version of this font. The bold font with palm tree leaves is perfect for social media posts, ads, summer party poster designs, and travel brochures.

2. Hawaiian Dreams font by Billy Argel

Tropical hibiscus flower silhouettes within orange letters against a textured paper backdrop
Image Source: Fontspace

Speaking of summer and palm trees, we can’t help but think of Hawaii and how cool it would be to have a Hawaiian-themed summer font.

Well, you’re in luck since we found a font that answered our prayers. This bold, wide-lettered font is full of Hawaiian dreams, just like its name. The creator of this playful font has included Hawaiian flowers on each letter as he did for the Palmsprings font.

If you do not like the bright orange color or the flower combo used in the example above, you can check out the other versions of this summer font. There is a version that doesn’t include the flowers and another that uses a pale orange color.

3. Aloha Summer font by Jimtype Studio

Inspirational message with abstract shapes and patterns in a warm color palette
Image Source: Fontspace

Summer vibes; Hawaii; Aloha.

Are you noticing a theme here already? So many artists are inspired by Hawaii and palm trees when it comes to creating refreshing summer fonts that “scream” summer vibes.

Unlike the previous Hawaiian Dreams Font, the Aloha Summer Font is characterized by thin lines that go well with a summer background with summer text in the middle.

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Another difference compared to the previous font is that this one is not using any summer beach elements such as palm trees or flowers. Its simplicity might be perfect if you want to use it for a summer banner or summer sale banner that already contains many summer elements in the background.

4. Bahamas Two font by Billy Argel

Font showcase with tropical palm silhouettes within the letters against a textured background
Image Source: Fontspace

This handwritten script is perfect for anything summer-themed.

Like the Palmsprings font, this one is part of the playful font family and includes palm tree leaves.

While the color versions are mainly the go-to option for designers, we recommend using the version included in the example above if you need that original vintage-styled font look for your design projects.

5. Tropical Asian font by Konstantine Studio

Colorful illustration with the words 'Tropical Asian' surrounded by various fruit sketches
Image Source: Fontspace

Now let’s take an imaginary trip from Hawaii and The Bahamas to the tropical part of Asia.

This summer font is inspired by summer vibes and is a perfect fit for summer designs such as a banner with beach items or any design for greeting cards.

Doesn’t this hand-lettered brush font remind you of why it's fun to play with a careless brush and ink on paper? You can use this casual font for apparel design, cover design, and other unique designs like clip art designs.

6. Vegan Style font by Billy Argel

Black background with white cursive text and the classic typing test sentence
Image Source: Fontspace

Here, Billy Argel’s creativity strikes again with this Vegan Style font.

Unlike the previous examples we showed, this one uses a clean design, and it is offered in black and white handwritten letters. Take advantage of this style if you need a custom typeface design perfect for any graphic designs that need a hand-drawn look.

7. Summer Peach font by Sakha Design

Cursive font 'Adylina' displayed in regular and italic, with alternate characters
Image Source: Fontspace

This unique summer font comes in two versions: regular and italic.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that it will look good for your graphic designs and apparel design, business cards, and wedding invitations.

8. Sunset Club font by Typefactory

Neon 'Summer is coming' sign with palm tree and sunset design, framed by dark tropical leaves
Image Source: Fontspace

This sleek font is inspired by neon signs and is characterized by sweeping lines and gentle strokes.

You can use this impressive design for summer club neon names and apparel design since its lowercase characters are eye-catching and easy to read.

We also see this font style as a great commercial font. If you are used to combining hand-drawn serif and script font styles, you can use this summer font with script fonts, serif font styles, or flowy fonts to make your designs look even more impressive.

9. Declaration of Love font by Letterara

Wedding invitation with 'Romeo & Juliet' in script, floral designs, and event details
Image Source: Fontspace

In many countries, the summer months are filled with weddings.

This is mainly because that’s when most people take their long-awaited vacations, and it is more convenient to organize weddings when your family and friends have some time off from work. Plus, the weather is usually nice.

This Declaration of love Font by Letterara is perfect for wedding invitations paired with summer-style illustrations. This type of font can also be used for something like summer sale lettering if you need to design summer sale style illustrations about product offers for couples, like a spa treatment or a massage.

10. Inked Skin font by Billy Argel

Cursive typography sample displaying 'Inked Skin' and the phrase 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
Image Source: Fontspace

One summer joy for many people who have tattoos is that they can finally show them off!

And there are many tattoo styles that also contain typography as part of the design. Sometimes, typography can also be used as a stand-alone tattoo.

This Inked Skin Font by Billy Argel evokes a common style of tattoo lettering, which reminds us of summer and the outdoors.

This sleek and simple font is perfect for any graphic design that promotes a tattoo artist or a tattoo studio. It can also be used for business cards and social media covers that promote tattoo shops that sell tattoo accessories.

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Tips and tricks for choosing a summer font style

1. Make sure you have the correct license.

If you like any of these fonts and want to use them or any other summer fonts that you find for personal use, you can do so by simply downloading them.

However, if you need to use any of these fonts or other ones you like for commercial purposes, you have to get the correct license.

The Commercial Use License is needed anytime you make a profit with anything you use the font for. For instance, if you need to use the font to promote a summer season sale through ads, posters, etc., you must check the commercial license price and purchase the commercial use license.

Sometimes, an artist may not offer any commercial use licenses for their font designs. In that case, you can only have a digital download of the free, non-commercial version.

If you like a specific font and would like to use it for any commercial purposes, you can contact the designer and see if they are willing to give you a commercial license.

2. Try out the font before purchasing.

Sometimes, a particular font may look good on the examples that the designer has chosen to showcase.

However, it is advisable that you use image previews to see how a specific line or name looks when you use that particular summer font.

Sometimes you may end up with a sloppy design if the summer font lettering you have picked from the font list does not go well with the design elements in the background or foreground of your graphic design.

To avoid this, try pairing the lettering with photo designs or use photo editing software to get an idea of how that specific font would look on any project that you are working on.

3. Experiment with similar fonts.

If you like a specific summer font but are not 100% sure that it will work well with your project, try to experiment with other similar summer fonts.

Do this until you are sure that the font style you have chosen complements your design and does not distract the viewer.

We hope you like these ten playful summer font styles and can’t wait to see how you use them in your designs. If you feel inspired and want to share your work with us, feel free to tag us on our social media channels.

We repost images and unique designs of our Curve users, so who knows? You might be among the lucky ones.

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10 playful summer font styles to jazz up your designs | Linearity
10 playful summer font styles to jazz up your designs